Audiostory A Javascript library for audio interactive fiction


Audiostory is a Javascript library that will aid you in the creation of Web-based audio interactive fiction games. You can think of audio interactive fuction like a cross between a conventional text adventure game and a radio drama. This is a game that is played not by looking at images and animation displayed on the screen, but through sound effects, narration, and character acting. What is displayed on the screen consists of buttons and other controls to interact with the game. If you haven't already done so, try my demo game The Haunted Cave to get a sense of how this works.

Some of the features provided by Audiostory are as follows.


First, download the Audiostory Author's Kit here. The Audiostory library consists of one file, audiostory.js. When you download the Author's kit, you will also find skeleton.html and skeleton.json. These skeleton files have the basic structure you will use as a starting point when creating a new game. Start by creating a new directory, then copy these three files into it. You may now rename the two skeleton files and edit them to build your game. Most of your work will be done in the json file, but you will make visual presentation changes in the html file. As you create sound file during the development of your games, they will also be added into this directory.

Test your new game by loading the html file into your web browser. You'll see the basic Audiostory layout appear — it should look like this.